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SES is working to empower communities, schools and businesses through energy efficiency, renewable production and infrastructure understanding.


From storage & transmission systems to clean & robust production infrastructures, SES brings a wisdom and enthusiasm that helps propel innovative projects to reality.

About SES

Sharpe Energy Solutions was incorporated in 2009 with the goal of bringing energy efficiency, renewable resources and sustainability to our communities. 

In the last ten years, Sharpe Energy has provided respected consulting, modeling and project management services to over sixty Oregon and California K-12 schools; faithfully fulfilled contracts with the Oregon Department of Energy, Energy Trust of Oregon; while building effective energy projects ranging from district-wide energy upgrades to multiple solar tracker production facilities to an integrated off-grid solar/hydro generation to offset dam-removal energy losses for the US Fish and Wildlife Service.

Since 2017 we have focused on helping start-up company STracker Inc develop, test and certify their flagship elevated S1 Dual-axis PV power plant; while continuing numerous pro-bono studies, financial modeling and legislative initiatives for our rural cities, schools and recreation areas.

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Crater Lake, Oregon

SES is a proud trade ally of Energy Trust of Oregon