Energy Storage


In addition to the rapidly expanding electric battery market, SES is trailblazing designs for mechanical (train-weight lift) and hydro-storage for mountainous communities like Ashland.  

Here's a proposed City application- 1MW storage-resiliency proposal

Elevated Dual-Axis Solar Tracking

Scale sketch of SES's proposed community-built Badger wind-power unit near Ariel charlift on Mt. Ashland. 

SES wind monitored and developed plans for community built vertical axis wind turbines (VAWT) to harvest wind energy from Mount Ashland and other high wind ridge locations. Sharpe Energy continues to seek community partners to make the project a reality. 

Here's the original Wind Study from 2015- Mt.A Net-0 study-2015

Concept pictures of SES designed 12kw "Badger 2" VAWT

SES is a proud trade ally of Energy Trust of Oregon

Renewable Systems

Here are the essential elements and power station layouts for our recent Hammer Dam removal project performed in Tehama County for the USFWS- Hammer Hydro/Solar

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Sharpe Energy Renewable Energy Model

Community Wind

Mount Ashland SES Wind Monitor Design

We continue to work with STracker Inc in its development and global launch of the exciting, new and robust S1 elevated tracking system for PV, CPV and CSP applications!

Here's a link to a recent proposal slide deck- S1 basics and proposals

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